Winter Quest '04.

Capitalizing on current local events, here are some pictures we took of our journey to gain valuable life necessities (beer, smokes, and Yoo-Hoo) during the harsh blizzard of '04. Knowing that the winter would render our vehicles useless (and dangerous, or more so), we chose to embark to a nearby fuel and re-supply depot on foot.

John Alcoholocaust leads the expedition. The cold battlefield of winter unfolds before us.

Having procured indispensable resources, John Alcoholocaust leads the expedition back to the warmth of home base. Eyes dart carefully ahead at oncoming traffic in the event that we may have to make a "dive for it".

A moment of doubt as John Alcoholocaust struggles with the weight of the goods and the length of the journey. Or he may be just be searching himself for smokes. I don't remember.

Alas, John Alcoholocaust submits to the cold.

Soon after, Clint Mantooth accepts death's cold invite as well.

Our abandoned goods... and The End.