Who's behind all this?



Clint Mantooth:

Films, photos, news, reviews.

John Alcoholocaust:

Films, photos.


The Love Commander:

Music, films, photos, news, reviews.

Perry Jones:

Photos, tech.

Mattt King:

Music, photos, news.

Mr. Plaid:

Photoshop master, tech, photos.

S. S. Slobotkin:

Webmaster, music, films, photos, news, reviews.

REV Watson:

Films, music.

Tomatron Fosburr:

Music, photos, news, reviews.

Anton Thimerosal:

Reviews, photos.



Jimbo Jangles:

Photos, tech.


Flash, programming, cool shit.


Ghostly inspiration and general enthusiasm.

Penitron Johnson:

Photoshop wiz, bass master.

Who, What, Where, When, Why & How?
Uterine Fury is the label Slobot created in order to publish and distribute their 2000 cassette. In reality, however, Uterine Fury is less a label than a loosely-knit community based around Slobot and other like-minded individuals.
What's with uterinefury.com?
Uterinefury.com is, of course, the online home of Uterine Fury Records. The site went up in September of 2001.


What's with Slobot?
Slobot was originally the home taping project of Slobodan Sodomovich Slobotkin (his surname serving as namesake). In 2000 Slobot became a duo when S. S. Slobotkin was joined by The Love Commander. Slobot went digital in 2001 and so brought on board local filmmaker John Alcoholocaust. The pairing of John Alcoholocaust and Slobot would yield Slobot's first short film, Your Future Lies Moldering at the Feet of Slobot. Slobot's second LP, A Banner Year for Slaughter, would similarly combine film and music and so give rise to Race to Rock. Slobot took on a new member, Clint Mantooth, during the production of their last CD/DVD, Slobot vs. The Minotaur.
What's with the pretenders to the throne?
It is unfortunate that there have been other U.S. outfits that have chosen to use and abuse the Slobot moniker. However, our Slobot predates them all (existing as S. S. Slobotkin's home taping project and on-air handle at WVFS Tallahassee since the mid-1990s).


What's with Natur'es Incubator?
Natur'es Incubator is the wet/pipe dream of a boy named Tomatron Fosburr (aka "Chattahoochie Slim"). He debuted on Uterine Fury Records in 2002 with the release of The Phoenix LP. Tomatron Fosburr lives and records in Austin, Texas.


What's with SLOBOZOKU?
SLOBOZOKU features UFR players Slobodan Sodomovich Slobotkin, Tomatron Fosburr and King Mattt.