Natur'es Incubator - Tom Fosburr's Furious Uterus.

Natur'es Incubator is Tomatron Fosburr.

cover art
inside cover art

01 DJ Horse
02 In the a.m.
03 13 Stand-up Comedians
04 Ghosts? What Ghosts?
05 Castor Oil Medley
06 Oh! (Crazy Night)
07 Why Did You Have to Hurt Yourself on my Mom's Birthday?
08 [(Deadly) Speshal Friend]
09 Born to Conform
10 Joan Cubicle
11 Sloppy Sevenths
12 Pnomocher
13 Deep Breathing Exercises
14 How to Do Things
15 Discount Appliance Warehouse

Tom Fosburr's Furious Uterus also includes a short incubator mpeg directed by John Alcoholocaust.

Produced by Slobot!

Uterine Fury Records 0008