Little Chicago.

Slobot was wandering the Dark Corner of Spartanburg County when he chanced upon this sign.

The signpost is at the heart of a community affectionately dubbed, Little Chicago.

During Prohibition the Dark Corner would gain some renown as a home to moonshiners.

The signpost that stands so prominently in Little Chicago was the brainchild of J. Bloomer Williams,

owner of the J. B. Williams & Son Grocery.

J. Bloomer Williams would be assisted by his son, W. B. Williams, Jr., in putting up the original 40 odd mile markers.

Today, though J. B. Williams & Son Grocery is shuttered, J. B. Williams' sign is alive and well,

and inspiring thoughts of exotic locales (like Pumpkin Town) to locals.

Also alive and well is the Dark Corner's moonshine trade. On June 30, 2011 Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright and his deputies arrested Michael Eston Blackwell, 44, on 13 counts of selling/manufacturing/storage of unlawful liquor after receiving complaints that 'shine was being sold at Blackwell's peach stand. The 10 month undercover operation also netted Larry Edward Hyder, 53; Carroll Dean Campbell, 72; and Kenneth O. "Gooberhead" Cannon, 63. The distillery would be found at Hyder's farm on Plantation Drive in Landrum, South Carolina. Just as the 'shine trade is alive, so are its profits! Law enforcement would ultimately seize $150,000; 4 vehicles and some 2000 gallons of 'shine.