FOSBURR: boo_leg [2008]

Tomatron Fosburr is FOSBURR.


FOSBURR feat. Howell McDonnell

Tomatron FOSBURR met Howell McDonnell when he was out canvassing. They talked about ion-breeding incinerators and microbiotic well-water.

Salmon Wise features lyrics by McDonnell and music by FOSBURR.

Salmon Wise


G.E.R.B.I.L.S. was an early Mattt King act. If you like sophomoric after school scatology, then you'll love...

The Retarded Song

Haz-Matt and Tomatron Fosburr

Haz-Matt and Tomatron Fosburr join forces to bring you...

She's Drilling Holes in Her Head

Natur'es Incubator

Natur'es Incubator: The Phoenix [2002]


Natur'es Incubator: Tom Fosburr's Furious Uterus [2002]


Rayos-X: Eponymous debut [2002]


Slobot: Cassette [2000]

Slobot: Cassette [2001]


Slobot: Ye Olde Deluder (aka 1) [2001]


Slobot: A Banner Year for Slaughter [2002]


Slobot: Slobot vs. The Minotaur CD/DVD [2005]


Slobot: Our Leavings [2006]


Slobot: Das Totenfeld [2008]



SLOBOZOKU: Debut [2008]

SLOBOZOKU's deput CD features Tomatron Fosburr, S. S. Slobotkin and King Mattt.

Various Artists

Various Artists: Uterine Fury Records Catalog Sampler [2002]


The Zenith: A Collection, 1997 - 2007 [2008]

A collection of the finest tracks from the ZNTH.