Space Rock!


Chris Hadfield is Canadian.

Chris Hadfield is an astronaut.

Chris Hadfield is that rare bird...

a Canadian Astronaut!


Chris Hadfield was sure to pack

a collapsible guitar for his trip to Mir (R.I.P.):


This was much to the liking of

Talgat Amangeldievich Musabaev.

Born in Kazakhstan, Talgat enjoys aerosports,

strumming Beatles' songs (in space), and wearing pink.

Talgat just loves picking.

Talgat's ax-weilding abilities so

impressed astronaut Susan Helms that

she felt compelled to tickle the ivories

aboard the Endeavour.

(We hope that's a Casio SK-1)


The Earth-bound Susan is a member

of the astronaut band, Max Q.

Unfortunately, they have not had the

opportunity to jam in space.


Cosmonauts rockin' with Astronauts!