Why They Fight:

A History of the Villains of the Labyrinth.
A great deal is known about Slobot and his nemesis, the Minotaur; but what do we really know about Slobot's other antagonists - The Communazi and The Gasmasketeer? What follows is a brief history in pictures:

Hitler greets The Communazi, circa 1942.

The Gasmasketeer on a press junket with Hitler, circa 1942.

Some of The Gasmasketeer's minions at a ball, circa 1944.

The Communazi and The Gasmasketeer at the Nuremberg Trials, 1949.

The banality of evil: The Communazi is sentenced to the Labyrinth, 1949.

An artist's rendering of The Communazi and The Gasmasketeer, circa 2004.